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Medicare Supplement

Why choose Medicare Supplement?

RetireeOne Health Exchange

In recent years, plan sponsors have been burdened by the financial struggle of providing medical and prescription benefits to their retirees. Many have tried to cut costs by decreasing the benefit level or in the worst case scenario cutting retiree benefits entirely. As one of the first companies to offer a true end-to-end private exchange program for the group marketplace, Labor First’s proprietary administrative technology allows employers and plan sponsors to alleviate financial liabilities, while providing the high level of post-retirement health benefits and advocacy retired participants deserve.


Medicare Supplement The RetireeOne Exchange platform gives the ability to provide retired members access to Medicare Supplement plans and pricing not available to the individual market. Medicare Supplement plans help pay some or all of the health care costs that Original Medicare does not cover, including copayments, coinsurance, and deductibles. Part D Leveraging established partnerships with top-rated Part D providers and Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs), Labor First customizes a retiree Part D pharmacy plan tailored to each group’s unique needs. We can structure your plan with full, partial, or no group funding (voluntary enrollment) - ultimately tailoring a retiree solution that fits your group’s health benefit and financial needs.


• Best in Class Technologies: The RetireeOne Platform is user friendly. It is simple to compare and select the best plan for you.

• Advocacy & Support: Retiree Advocates are available to assist when considering plan options. Advocacy is available through the life of your plan. Whether you have questions or concerns, we can outbound calls to doctors and pharmacies, process card replacement requests, and handle billing inquiries.

• Personalized Medicare Options: Labor First customizes plan designs to fit the needs of your members. With group purchasing power and provider partnerships, we offer pricing not available to the general public. For more information on these solutions, click learn more. 

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