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Life Insurance

Why choose Life Insurance?

Do I really need life insurance? I’m young, nothing is going to happen to me. I’m in good shape, good health, and take good care of myself. I don’t need life insurance. Until the unexpected happens…and you wish you would have had it. For your kids, for your spouse, for your family.

As Fire Fighters, you face more than the average challenges and risks throughout a 24-hour period. The IAFF-FC Insurance Division recognizes this and wants to help. We want to help protect your financial needs for you and your family.

Throughout your life, your financial needs will vary. You may have your own education to pay for, or one day, your kid’s education comes along and you want to make sure you have this taken care of. What about your mortgage?  What about if your spouse didn’t have your income coming in any longer? No one wants to think about these things and no one expects that anything will happen to them. But, don’t you want to make sure you thought ahead of time and took care of the unexpected?

Contact the IAFF-FC Insurance Division toll-free at (866) 423-3757 and speak to one of our agents who can assist you with your options. Do it today so you are ready tomorrow.

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